About me and this blog

Okay, so you want to know more about me? What’s to tell? I’m a sports economist, and I love pretty shoes, books and baking. I try to update this blog as interesting things come along, giving my thoughts on different matters. Mostly about sports economics, sometimes one of those words might fall in the cracks somewhere and I get carried away. But I’ll always try to keep it interesting.

I graduated from Turku University School of Economics with a Master’s Degree in economics. My focus was officially in game theory but really mostly in sports economics. I did do my thesis on NHL player trade, after all! And that was just the start of my love affair with the economics of sport. I’ve tried out doctoral studies for a fit, I’ve worked in different industries, tried to find the perfect combination of challenges for myself. And, for whatever reason, I keep coming back to sports economics.

However, the most important piece of information, at far as this page is concerned, is that I hate writing these “this is me, please love me” pages and introductions. I’m not writing this blog to write about me, after all. Well, at least not obviously about me.

So instead of the boring old life story beyond the basics above, I’ll just give you some… snippets of interest. Key things, really.

Like how I have about 25 pairs of wool socks. I wear them all the time. I’m actually thinking of joining Instagram just so I can show off my wool sock collection.

Or that I have an Excel file of all my books. Bit of an organizing geek, I guess, and also, lots of books. Like, seriously lot.

Speaking of books, anyone and everyone involved with sports should read Soccer in the Sun and Shadow by Eduardo Galeano. Amazingly beautiful.

I’m a terrible tennis player, but my coach is kind enough not to laugh in my face. Much. By the way, did you know that the placement of a tennis serve is the subject of more than one game theoretic study? I’m not kidding.

My dream is to figure out how to bake and read at the same time.

Baseball fascinates me to no end. I love the game, the history, the stats, oh, the stats!

Audio books. The solution to my problem above is audio books.

Anyways, that’s me. I hope you enjoy the blog!



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