I’m alive! I’m alive!

First of all, my deepest apologies. I am painfully aware that for a while now this blog has looked like this








For this I apologize. I deeply truly apologize.

The only passable excuse I can offer you is that I started at a new job, along other things. You know, one of those things one needs to pay for lifes essentials such as books and Viasat sports channel subscription and lip gloss.

And I have been working on something pretty cool as well. Well, cool, if you know Finnish. Which probably means 97% of my readers here won’t think it’s cool, but a frivolous activity that keeps me from blogging.

Don’t get like that. It all works in your favor. You see, I post stuff on my Finnish blog every week, and then improve on those post and put them together here, in English, in one bigger post with better jokes and more thought-through arguments. So, in the end, you win.

I’ve got something on the works just now, so don’t go far!

p.s. Obviously, as I am a Finn, I am genetically allergic to the whole spectrum of human emotion and would therefore never admit it out loud, but I have missed you all.